Glow Run


Saturday after running the Psycho Psummer 50K I thought that wasn't enough If only I could get another 5k in for the day.  Not really.  The Glow run isn't the kind of run I would of signed up for on my own especially right after my morning race but a few months ago when I friend asked if I wanted to run it with her it seemed like a fine idea.  
After finishing my morning run just after 3 in the afternoon I was feeling pretty good.  The race didn't start till 9:15 so I showered, ate, laid around and stretched till go time.  Lucky for me I didn't have to drive to the race.  I would not of enjoyed finding parking and then later trying to get out of there.
The race sold out at 5000 participants and there was many more spectators at The City Market, Kansas City race site.  Big party atmosphere everyone decked out in their most glowy gear.  I knew that this was more of a fun run than race and told myself I was just going to take it easy and maybe walk parts of the race but after being smooshed like a sausage in the crowd of people waiting for our turn to go 30 minutes after the first group went out I was just ready to run it out.  They really needed to have a bigger better start corral system for as many people as they had racing.  It was impossible to tell where the back of the line was so we sortof cut in line.  So ya I ran the whole thing, there was a lot of weaving in and around groups of walkers.  I did meet one guy wearing his Psycho Psummer shirt from the morning run so I wasn't the only one doubling up on races that day.  

                                                 Chip         Gun 
Place Name Bib No Age Overall Time Time

31 Kristen Davolt 1134 33 418 26:24.1 51:13.6

I think I did fine. I know the race was supposed to be more about the glow than the running but I think I prefer the races that are more about the running.


  1. That would be a great time for me on fresh legs! I think I feel the same as you about races. Everybody is raving about these color runs where they throw colored dust on you as you go.... I don't see the point. I'm running a 5K this Saturday night, I'm going to try to crush my PR.

  2. It's like the opposite of the trail run, but with just as many obstacles. I guess I'm not too upset I missed out on the deadline.