4 Jogging Stroller Miles = 8 Regular Miles


Today I broke out the jogging stroller.  I first tried it out when Gretchen was about 4 months old and didn't like it at all.  I was always able to get my runs in without it so I didn't use it.  Now though I'm having a hard time getting as much running in as I would like with the treadmill at the gym that I also don't like. 
I got to the gym late on Friday and went straight to the yoga/pilates class telling myself I would jump on the treadmill at home after Gretchen went to bed but that never happens.  Then Saturday I decided to have a Garage Sale and missed out on child care time at the gym. The garage sale was a waste of time so that was a mistake.  When Sunday showed up I only had 18 miles for the week.  The weather was actually kinda cool this morning right around 80˚ compared to the mostly 100˚ weather we've had.  No child care at the gym on Sundays so Gretchen and I packed up and hit the Little Blue River Trace Trail in Independence.  It is a packed fine gravel trail and big enough so there is not people all around.  I didn't want to worry about running into people with the stroller.   The trail is basically flat.  I did 4 miles.  It was hard running while pushing 30 lbs the whole way.  Gretchen didn't see what the big deal was.  We ran out 2 miles stopped for water.  Turned to come back, ran till mile 3 stopped for pictures.  Ran most of the last mile only walking up the small hills that I never realized were on the trail until today.  
Gretchen enjoyed the ride.  I hated it but guess I'm going to try adding this to our routine in an attempt to up my weekly mileage.  Goal for next week: 30 miles.

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  1. I love the Blue Trace Trail, that is where I always used to go when I didn't really want to run, but it is so nice there I was always able to run. I guess that makes it the best place for a jogging stroller.