Does watching olympic athletes run count as a workout?


Are we watching the Olympics or a broken TV?  

I've been feeling sort of blah about my running since my 50K.  The week after I was a bit sore and ran a total of 11 miles for the week.  The following week I ran every single day but the first 5 days were all treadmill and I never did more than 5 miles a day.  I got to run outside on Saturday with a long run of 7 miles and then Sunday with 6 miles.  This past week I was tired, ran 5 days finishing the week with only 20 miles.  I managed to pick up my excitement level on the treadmill when the track and field events started on Friday.  I gave myself a gold in the treadmill 1500.  My nearest competitor was a 70 year old speed walker (wait we were competing in seperate events.)  I know my running is no where on par with any of the olympic athletes but watching them makes me run faster.  I try to move my legs and arms in the same way they move their legs and arms.  It might help.  This week I'm on track for at least a solid 30 miles.  30 miles is supposed to be my weekly minimum.  Studies show this is what I need to run weekly to keep my nacho and cheesy fry diet under control.  


  1. Totally counts. I love the Olympic outfit. During the trials someone took pictures of the foot strike of all 1500 runners and they were all over the place. I just thought that was interesting, that for as much talk there is about mid foot strike, these athletes do it all different ways.

  2. If watching the olympics counts as a workout, I've been putting in the hours. I just fixed my Nike fuel band last week and my numbers have been off the charts. I'd do great in the competitive baking category.