My Week In Running

Monday:  Didn't do a thing.

Tuesday:  5 miles on treadmill at gym.

Wednesday:  5 miles on treadmill at gym.

Thursday:  5 miles on treadmill at gym.

Friday:  Planned on getting to the gym in time to run 5 miles on treadmill before the YoPi class but only had time for 1 mile before class so that's what happened.

Saturday:  5 miles on treadmill at gym.

The last 5k we ran together on the 4th of July.  

Sunday:  10 miles out on hilly BB hwy.  I left my parents house that morning knowing I needed at least 12 miles for the day to hit my goal of 33-35 miles for the week.  I knew I'd be running another 3 miles later in the day but wasn't really feeling like 9 hilly miles were in me today.  I haven't really done any hilly runs lately.  I went out and after getting the first few starter miles out of the way it was going well but I hadn't brought any water with me so I was thinking of turning around at 3.5miles out but then I met a super friendly dog who wanted to run with me and did not want to go back to her house.  While I normally pass very few cars out on BB Sunday mornings there was suddenly 6 cars driving by and the dog wanted to go out in the road to greet each car.  Not a great situation so I ran the dog back to her house and found her pen, she went right in.  After my little break I decided to go ahead and run out another mile and a half to hit 10.  I spent the last few miles dreaming of water and was drenched with sweat when I got back.  I changed into some dry running shorts and top then headed to Chilhowee with my dad and sister to help finalize the 5k route for next weekends race.  This is the 3rd year my sister Beth has put on a 5k race for the Chilhowee fair.  After finalizing the new route for this years race we ran it,  I dominated the run just like I plan on doing this Saturday morning at 7:30.

Weekly Totals:  34.1 hitting goal of 33-35 miles.  Didn't do any stroller running but was able to meet mileage goal without it so I'm fine with that.

Goals for this week:  Anything above 30 miles is good.  I'll be spending end of week out at the parents so I shouldn't have any problem hitting this.  I'll want to take it easy on Friday so I can dominate on Saturday.  Saturday goal time = anything under 22:55 for a new PR.  Buy Gretchen some new running shoes so she can dominate the 1 year old age division.

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