My Week In Running


Monday:  Back on the trail.  Seemed a little better than yesterday, I think due to it being about 10˚ cooler and overcast today.  Ran 2 miles out, took water break and 2 miles back, average pace 8:54.  Gretchen did streches with me after the run.

Tuesday:  No run.  Went to state fair with family had a pork burger with fries, 1/3 of a funnel cake, ice cream cone, and pizza buffet on the way home.  Spent an hour looking for my watch charger, never found it.

Wednesday:  Was with out Gretchen for a few hours in the morning.  Had a bit of a food hangover but with the cool temps wanted to hit double digits with my run.  I went out to Blue trace trail wearing two watches since I never found my power cord I knew my watch would die during my run.  I wore my regular watch to keep track of time once that happened.  The watch made it 7 3/4 miles,  I made it 10 miles.  My longest run since my 50k.

Thursday:  Wasn't into running for the day but what else was I gonna do with my morning.  Went to the Y and hit the treadmill for 3 miles and I was out of there.  Found out I left my watch charger at my parents house, glad I didn't lose it.

Friday:  YoPi day at the Y.  The Y I attend doesn't have many classes that fit my fitness level and child care needs.  Most of the classes are for people who are significantly older or less fit than myself and they only have childcare during certain hours.   I not complaining for the price to have great childcare while I'm on the treadmill is fantastic.  Another plus: Gretchen always seems excited to be there and hang out with the other kids.  Anyway the YoPi class is the one I try to attend each week to get myself stretched out and relaxed.  The Y does have straight up yoga but I feel like it might be to boring for me.  Running is my yoga.
The YoPi class starts at 10:15 so I try to get to the gym in time to get a few miles in before hand.  Somedays that happens somedays it doesn't.  Today I made it in time for 2.5 miles before class.

Saturday:  I knew I needed 10.5 more miles for the week to hit my 30 mile goal.  The Y has no childcare on Sunday so I thought I needed to go at least 5.5 on the treadmill today and I did just that.

Sunday:  Gretchen left for 2.5 unexpected hours in the afternoon so I used the time for my run.  I went out knowing I need 5 but since I was by myself I ended doing 8 miles.  It was about 80˚ out which after a month of 100˚+ days seems cool even while running.

Weekly Total= 33 miles, goal of 30 miles met and exceeded
Goals for next week= 33 to 35 miles, 5 mile jogging stroller run


  1. I did yoga last week at a free yoga in the park. Most of it was laying on the ground in silence and another big chunk was sitting Indian style and silent. So well that was fun.

  2. Yes that's exactly what it is.