Chilhowee 5k

This weekend was the big Chilhowee fair.  You've never heard of it?  How strange.  The whole fair was kinda rained out but the Saturday morning 5k race went on.  It was great running weather.  Overcast and a little drizzly to sprinkles.  The race had 36 finishers, 14 of them women.  As I predicted I was able to dominate the race but not with out a significant amount of effort.  My main competition was Mikendra  Young who I've been in races with  before.  She beat me in the last 1/2 mile of a 5k a few months ago so I was worried the same would happen today.  I tend not to have any extra push at the end of races and get beat in the end.  I knew Mikendra was right behind me from the start so I tried not to concentrate on that and focus on keeping my pace steady on my watch.  She caught up with me right after mile 2 but I managed to keep up with her.  I just keep thinking she was going to zoom off at any moment and it was to early to try and run past her so I just kept up then with about 1/2 a mile left she had to slow it down and I was able to maintain till the finish.  Mikendra is super nice so she might of just let me win but I don't think she is that nice.

My sister Courtney and I in our matching shirts showing off our sweaty selfs after the race.  I placed first for the women in 22:36.  I was 4th overall.  A new PR, my new goal is to shave off those 36 seconds.  Courtney pulled it out for a third place overall women in 24:28.

My super fast cousin is super pregnant with twins this year otherwise I would of had even more competition.  She won the race last year.

 The winning guy and me holding our new trophies.

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  1. yea Good write-up of winning the womens race, MOM