My Week in Running

Monday:  The weather this week was perfect for running outside so Gretchen and I did a bunch of stroller running this week.  It was much easier with the aired up tires.  Ran 4 miles on the trail with the jogging stroller.

Tuesday:  Ran another 4 miles on the trail with the jogging stroller.

Wednesday:  Didn't do anything.

Thursday:  Ran another 4 miles on the trial with the jogging stroller.  Ran my fastest stroller mile in 8:08 thanks to this muscly younger guy who started out ahead of me.  I was slowly gaining on him till I was pretty close then I  went for it and passed him.  After I passed him I had to keep up the pace, couldn't have him catching up with me.

Friday:  I was by myself in the morning.  I took off from my house and ran 8.38 miles.  I was aiming for 8 but wasn't paying attention and ran a little over.  I was planning on going to YoPi class after but was running (ha ha) late so I didn't try and make it.

Saturday:  Went back out to the trail for another 4 miles with Gretchen.  Near the end of our run there is a sharp turn or sharp for a jogging stroller.  Well I must of been running to fast because as I was turning the whole front wheel popped off.  At first I didn't know what happened other than  the stroller stopped on me.  I realized the front wheel was missing but I had to looked around for a couple of minutes wondering where it went before I found it wedged in between the back two tires.  Luckily it was fine and I popped it right back into place  and we finished our run.

Sunday:  Ran 10 miles on the trail by myself.  Run went smoothly other than my water pack was leaking but whatever.

Weekly total:  34.38 miles

Next week goals:  35-37 miles


  1. Wow, I'm impressed by all the strolling running.

  2. Gretchen really got to feel the wind in her hair this week! I had a very low milage week, like only 4! This week I already got 3 in so I'm sure to beat last week.