My Week In Running

Monday:  Ran 6 miles down BB hwy.  Was tired and my glutes were sore from the strength session the day before so it felt a little tough.

Tuesday:  Did nothing.

Wednesday:  6 miles on the treadmill at the gym.  I had someone to talk to on the treadmill next to me for  the first 3 miles so it made the miles pass pretty fast.

Thursday:  5 miles on the gym treadmill.

Friday:  Day before race so no running.  I went to YoPi class.

Saturday:  Helen Gold run, 10k, went great.  Later that afternoon I mowed the lawn and ran another 3 miles down the street from my house.

Gretchen hydrating and stretching it out after our Sunday run.  That's water in the gatorade bottle if you were wondering.

Sunday:  Needed 4 more miles to hit 30 for the week so Gretchen and I loaded up the jogging stroller and went out to the Blue Trace Trail.  It wore me out, one of the tires was a little flat but I didn't realize this till we were out there and running.  So we just ran anyway I stopped each mile for short rest but did all 4 miles.

Weekly total:  30.2 miles

Goals for this week:  33 miles, no races this week so hope to do a long run maybe 12 miles, we'll see.

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