My Week in Running

Monday:  Had a long morning.  I have no idea how it took 3 hours to walk the dogs, make Gretchen breakfast then get her ready to go but it did.  Got to the gym later than planned so I just ran 3 miles and was done.

Tuesday:  I have never really tried any kind of running plan or training other than run lots of miles as fast as I feel I can that day.  I followed a plan when I was training for my first marathon but it was mostly just run a lot more miles every week so that when the marathon happens you'll be able to finish.
I've been able to improve my times a lot this year by just doing this.  But I'd like to drop my 5k into sub 22 minute territory.  I thought I'd give this plan I saw in the October issue of Women's Health ago.

It's the 30-20-10 plan.  You run fast for 30 seconds, faster for 20 seconds and fast as you can for 10 seconds then take a 2 minute walk or easy jog break.  Then repeat.  It says you should to this 3 times a week.  I only did it once this week but I'm aiming for twice a week.  It does make the treadmill time go by faster with all the button pressing.  This made for 4 miles.

Wednesday:  Didn't do anything.

Thursday:  Had time to run outside by myself this afternoon.  Wanted to run 12 but I was feeling off or my stomach was feeling off.  Anyway I ran a 5.5 mile loop from my house stopped back at the house for some water.  Went back out for 2.5 more miles.  It started pouring which would of been fine except I didn't wear a hat so the rain was carrying the sweat into my eyes it burned and I was done.

Friday:  Went to the gym and got 3 miles in on the treadmill before I went to YoPi class.

Saturday:  Went to the gym and knocked out 7 boring miles.

Sunday:  Didn't feel like running especially since my only option was with the jogging stroller.  But I got Gretchen and I ready, drove to a gas station with free air to air up stroller tires.  Waited 5 minutes or so and decided the guy was just pretending to air up his tire for fun or he didn't know how so I left and drove to another gas station with free air.  Gretchen was asleep.  I went ahead and aired the tires up.    Gretchen didn't wake up so I decided to go back home and put her in bed.  Here's the thing if Gretchen falls asleep in the car I can put her in her bed and she will sleep for at least an hour or more but If I wake her up that's it.  No more napping for the day which also means no free time.   I like my free time.  I planned to head back out for a run once she woke up but while she was sleeping I realized a had 25 papa points which equals a free pizza from Papa John's.  Point being I never got around to running.

Weekly total: 25 miles, not as much as I wanted but I was feeling a little off all week

Next week goal:  33 miles

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  1. Whenever I'm on the treadmill I make up speed games. Changing the speed every minute or so really keeps things interesting for me. I've never tried the 30-20-10 though, I'll have to give it a try.