My Week in Running

Monday:  Wanted to start things off right for the week.  I went to the gym treadmill and ran out 6.75 miles with the ladies of The View.  When I'm on the treadmill I like to read the closed captioning on the TV while listening to music on my ipod.
Monday evening went to the trail for 3.25 miles of stroller running.  10 miles out in one day= good start to week.

Tuesday: Cold from last week is still hanging on. Ran 3 easy miles on treadmill.  Signed up for Run the Burg Half Marathon.

Wenesday:  Was without Gretchen in the morning but still wasn't feeling great so I just ran 3 easy miles outside of my house.

Thursday:  Did nothing.

Friday:  Ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill and went to YoPi class.

Saturday:  Ran 3.5 on the treadmill.

Sunday:  Nice weather so I completely ment to take Gretchen in the jogging stroller on the trail.  This didn't happen.  Gretchen took a long nap and I watched an American Pickers marathon on TV.  This took longer than an actual marathon but whatever.

Weekly total:  25 miles

Next Week goals:  Easy miles.  Run the Burg Half Marathon on Saturday.  Hoping to PR it.  My resent running times tell me I can.  My last Half PR was at this event last year with 1:48:00.  I havn't really trained for it so we will see.

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  1. They are forcasting 48 degrees for run the burg. I'm not very excited about that.