My Week In Running

The last week of September I did run 28 miles but I didn't write it down as I went and I was irritated with not hitting 30 miles so I just didn't post about it.  I'm sorry about disappointing my millions of followers, I mean 3 followers.

Anyway this week:

Monday:  4 miles on the trail pushing Gretchen.  Great weather, Gretchen enjoyed the playground after the run.

Tuesday:  4 miles on the treadmill at the gym.  I did three 5minute sets of the 30-20-10 plan within the 4 miles.

Wednesday:  2.5 miles on the treadmill before going to pilates class.

Thursday:  Did nothing, had some sewing I needed to finish in the morning so I missed my normal gym time, then didn't end up going at all.

Friday:  Made it to the gym in time to do 4 miles on the treadmill before going to YoPi class.

Saturday:  Was without Gretchen for the afternoon so I went to the trail for 7 miles. It was the first cold day this fall.  I always forget how to dress for running when the weather changes.  I went for a long sleeve shirt with shorts.  It worked, could of used a stocking cap but I was fine after the first mile.

Sunday:  Went out to BB Hwy so I had my mom to watch Gretchen during my run.  I went for 8.5 because that is exactly what I needed to hit 30 miles for the week.  I stopped for a few pics during the run.  I started out at my aunt's house that is .5 miles up the road from my parents, ran out for 4 miles turned and ran to my parents house to shower.  I was a little late for the football and food at my aunt's house.

The turnaround at mile 4.

Rolling hills at mile .80 or 7.20.

Just past the start or at 8.20.  I had to shower before they would let me in for lunch.

Hit 30 miles for the week.  Hoping to go higher next week.


  1. Two longer runs in a row! Do you mix up your speed on your long runs or keep the same pace?

    1. I pretty much keep the same pace on my long runs however I think your supposed to not do that to improve.