Run the Burg 1/2 Marathon


Saturday morning I ran Run the Burg 1/2 marathon in Warrensburg, MO.  This is a great small race.  Great swag: technical tee shirt, sports bag, togo coffee mug, chapstick.  There is chip timing and you could show up 5 minutes before start and park a couple of blocks away.  I spent the night before at my parents house so that I wouldn't have to get up before 6, drive an hour to drop the kid and dog off before the race.  I was up at the race 20 minutes before start time.  The race start and finish was conveniently located across the street from my sister's coffee shop so no port a potty lines for me.
It was cold out but no wind and the sun was out so really it didn't feel that bad before and was great after a couple of miles.  There was also a 5k and a 10k and we all started at the same time on account of the cold temperatures.  I didn't love the together start but it probably helped me not go out to fast which I usually do.  
The race is pretty much all up and down hills, more so in the first few miles of the race but the slightly more spread out hills feel just as bad after you have already ran 5 miles of them.  I had to slow it down. Even though I knew the race was hilly(I ran it last year) I haven't been doing any hill training recently.   Also my long runs haven't been that long.  

Female 30 to 34

                                                                                                                    Place    Name                 City           Bib No  Age   Overall       Time       Time  
2 Kristen Weigand Independence MO 2612 33 29 1:46:36.2 1:46:36.2

I finished 29th out of 107 total runners and 5th out of 48 females.  I was hoping for a time much closer to 1:40 but I guess I need to run more if that is gonna happen.  I did PR by 1:24 from same race last year.
Today I am probably the sorest I've ever been after a half.  I feel like I ran a whole.

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