My Week in Running

Monday:  No workout

Tuesday:  2 easy miles on the treadmill and a zumba class

Wednesday:  4 medium level miles on the treadmill

Thursday:  Out at my parents house and the weather was great so perfect running situation and I don't feel like running.  This is how it always happens.  I did 4 miles on the road.

Friday:  Meant to get to the gym in time to run before YoPi.  I didn't and just went to YoPi.  Then I did some math today.  If I'm going to run the 140 miles I gave myself as a goal this month for Pile on the Miles I need to average 4.67 miles a day.  Better get on it.

Saturday:  5 miles on the treadmill.

Sunday:  Did nothing.

Weekly totals:  15 miles

Next week goals:  Run more.

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  1. ZUMBA! Did you like it? Will you go back? I think it really depends on the instructor.