1166.63 + Some, Mileage Goals


Was gifted this nice race medal holder made by my brother.  I received some other nice running related gifts as well like a foam roller, hand held water bottle, compression socks and regular running socks, jacket and some energy chews.

1166.63 Is the number of miles I recored as running in 2012.  There are 9 weeks that are unaccounted for.  I know there were 4 weeks in February and March I didn't run at all because of a surgery.  The other 5 weeks a didn't write down they were all low mileage weeks I'm sure or else I would of written them down.  I'm thinking of a mileage goal for next year. A goal of 1750 = 33.65 average a week, goal of 2000 = 38.46 a week.  Barring any injuries or surgeries that take me out for multiple weeks or longer I think the 1750 is a strong but reasonable goal.  I'm going for at least 1750 this year.

Anyone else have mileage goals for the year?

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  1. You need more hooks! Mine doesn't look as prosperous. 1750 seems like an ambitious goal! I've never made mileage goals and I've never tracked it very closely in the past. Maybe just recording my mileage will be a goal this year?