1166.63 + Some, Mileage Goals


Was gifted this nice race medal holder made by my brother.  I received some other nice running related gifts as well like a foam roller, hand held water bottle, compression socks and regular running socks, jacket and some energy chews.

1166.63 Is the number of miles I recored as running in 2012.  There are 9 weeks that are unaccounted for.  I know there were 4 weeks in February and March I didn't run at all because of a surgery.  The other 5 weeks a didn't write down they were all low mileage weeks I'm sure or else I would of written them down.  I'm thinking of a mileage goal for next year. A goal of 1750 = 33.65 average a week, goal of 2000 = 38.46 a week.  Barring any injuries or surgeries that take me out for multiple weeks or longer I think the 1750 is a strong but reasonable goal.  I'm going for at least 1750 this year.

Anyone else have mileage goals for the year?