My Week in Running Jan 14th-20th

Monday:  2 miles on the gym treadmill before a Pilates class.

Tuesday:  7 miles on the treadmill.  .5 warmup, 6.25 @ 8:34pace, .25 cool down

Wednesday:  Bootcamp class then a 35 minute tempo run for 4 miles.  I only did 4 minutes @ 7:12 pace, should of been 5 or 6 minutes but whatever.

Thursday:  Took the day off.

Friday: Went to a bootcamp class at the gym them came home and did 6 miles on the streets around my house averaging a 8:00 race pace.

Saturday:  12 miles out on the trail.  It was really nice out so I thought I would see a lot more traffic on the trail but it was pretty empty.

Oh look, I now can take pictures with my phone.  This is on my trail run around mile 8.  I'll work on taking more interesting or at least semi interesting photos.

Sunday:  3 easy miles on the basement treadmill while Gretchen napped.  I added 50 push ups and 100 sit ups at the end you know for fun.

Week 2 of marathon training and completely on track.  34 miles done.

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  1. Yea for phone photos! Looks like you are in the middle of the country there.