My Week in Running Jan 7th-13th

Monday:  Did 3 miles on a treadmill at the gym.  Had an hour of training at the gym for my new job and there was really only time for the 3 miles after that before childcare closed.

Tuesday:  5 miles on a gym treadmill.

Wednesday:  Bootcamp class

Thursday:  5 miles on gym treadmill. .5 warmup, 4 race pace, .5 cool down

Friday:  2.5 miles on gym treadmill then a YoPi class.

Saturday:  10 miles on gym treadmill.  1 mile warm up, 2 -8.25 @8.35, 8.25-9.75-8:00, .25 cool down
I don't plan on doing my long runs at the gym normally as they are only going to get longer.  But Saturday it had to be done.  The gym was a little busy and I thought the girl next to me was on the fact that I was on the treadmill over the 45 minute time limit when the treadmills are full but I got away with it.

Sunday:  4 X 800 on basement treadmill at 6:00 in the morning before Gretchen woke up.  .25 warm up, 4 X 800 with 400 easy in between each, .25 cool down.  3.5 total.  Added 100 sit-ups and 50 push ups

Weekly total: 29 miles but still fall flat when I try for a clapping push up.

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