My Week In Running January 21st - 27th

Practicing hydrating

Monday:  Went to a AOA (active older adults) water fitness class at the gym.  I'm hoping to be a water fitness instructor soon so I'm trying to hit the classes hard.  After class I had time for 3.5 miles on the treadmill at the gym.  Later in the afternoon while Gretchen was napping I jumped on the basement treadmill for another 3.5 miles.

Tuesday:  Water fitness class then 3 miles on the treadmill.

Wednesday:  Boot camp class and later a water fitness class.

Thursday:  Did 4X 800's for 4 miles total then Water fitness, Deep water.

Friday:  Was supposed to be 6 miles at race pace but I was worn out.  I did .5 warm up, 1.5 at race pace then dropped pace by 30 seconds for 2 miles, picked it back up to race pace for a mile then jumped off the treadmill and went to Yo Pi class. 5 miles total.

Saturday:  Went to the gym and ran 10 miles on the treadmill.  Did a 1 mile warm up and .5 cool down.  Ran the rest at a 8:41 pace.  I little boring but felt easy.

Sunday:  Warm weather today so at about 1:00 when it was just over 50˚ out Gretchen and I went to the trail.  We took a suggestion and ran the opposite way from the direction we always take, to see how it worked out with the stroller.  The concrete path lasted .8 of a mile before it turned back to a crushed gravel trail but it was really packed and not that much actual gravel so it worked well.  We went out 2 miles and was excited to see that the trail went right behind a Quick Trip.  We went over and took advantage of some free air for the stroller tires.  It made the 2 miles back way easier.

Weekly total:  33 miles 


  1. I love that Gretchen wore her boots for the run.

  2. I would say while water aerobics works all your muscles it dosn't make me sore. Water aerobics is more for people of a different activity level than me though I'm sure it is still a good addition to my routine.