My Week In Running

First week of the year and off to a decent start. Finishing up my marathon training schedule that starts tomorrow.  Watching the biggest loser season premier.  They always have to show the puking that happens in the beginning.

These pictures are from a few months ago but ya Gretchen thinks my clothes are her clothes.

What I did this week.

Monday:  The gym had no childcare on the last day of the year so while Gretchen napped I jumped on the basement treadmill.  I jumped off every so often for some pushups, you know to keep things fun.
1 mile, 20 pushups
.5 mile, 20 pushups
.5 mile, 20 pushups
1 mile
3 miles total

Tuesday:  Went out to my parents house and did 7 miles on the basement treadmill.

Wednesday:  Bootcamp

Thursday:  3 miles on the gym treadmill after filling out some new hire paperwork.  I now work at the gym as a Wellness Specialist.  I will mostly help the newbies use the equipment and clean said equipment but I'm super excited about it.  In the afternoon I was without Gretchen so I went for 5.5 miles outside.  I took my new handheld water bottle out and loved it.  Having the hand strap on the bottle makes all the difference.  So much better than running with a regular bottle of water.

Friday:  Worked in the am so I had to go back to the gym at night for a workout wasn't feeling the treadmill so I took the bootcamp class.  Made my muscles sore so it was good.

Saturday:  7 miles on the treadmill at the gym.

Sunday:  Decided just to take the day off.  Would of had to jump on the basement treadmill or do a video.  Miles were low this week but with the 2 bootcamp classes I was a little worn.

Weekly total:  25.5 miles, 2 bootcamp classes, 60 extra(beyond ones done in bootcamp) pushups


  1. Gretchen looks like she just finished a super intense workout.

  2. Glad you like the water bottle. How many hours do you get to work?