Race Planning

A 60 something Australian couple resolve to run 365 marathons this year.  Maybe I set my mileage goals for the year a little low.
I think I've planned out most of my races for the first 6 months of the year.  I have not paid for any of them yet except for a color run but I don't really consider that an actual run.  More of a fun activity where I do my best to jog leisurely.  I have a marathon planned for the following weekend that I'm hoping to seriously PR in so that will help keep me in check.

My maybe race list

  • Chocolate rush half marathon              February 9th    I now have something else going on.
  • Ray Pec half marathon                         March 16th
  • Register for Marine Corps Marathon   March 27th*
  • Cameron April Fools 8k                      March 30th or April 6th?  If it is happening.
  • Color Run 5k                                       April 13th
  • Garmin Marathon                                 April 20th
  • Trolly Run                                            April 28th
  • Psyco Psummer 50k                             July 13th
*The marathon is not till October but last year the race sold out in 2.5 hours so it's a race to get in.

The race I'm most concerned with is the Garmin Marathon and I'm writing out an actual training plan for myself to follow.  I'll have 15 weeks as of Saturday to train.  The half marathons are more training for the marathon and I picked them based on date and price.  I may just do one not both.

I am also adding do more consecutive clapping push ups than my brother to my goal list.  I can currently do about 3/4 of one.  He is at 4-5.  I've got a little work to do.


  1. Les mills body pump? I really liked that class at the gym I went to in Springfield, don't have it at the y I'm at now.

  2. I was a little upset to not see the Chilhowee Fair 5k, then I realized it was only 6 months of runs, as I know everyone is patiently awaiting that excitement.