My Week in Running Feb 4th-10th

Monday:  I still was feeling worn out and all round not great but I had my first Active Older Adults water class to teach.  Then I'm pretty sure I didn't accomplish much else that day.

Tuesday:  Bootcamp class followed by 5 easy miles on the treadmill.  Later that day I ran one easy 9:13 minute mile on a treadmill.

Wednesday:  6 miles on the treadmill @ 8:43 pace in the morning then 4 miles on the trail pushing the stroller later in the afternoon.

Thursday:  7 miles on the treadmill.  .5 warm up, 6 miles at race pace then .5 cool down

Friday:  None  I worked a full 8 hours at the gym today.  That's a lot right? 

Saturday:  14 miles out on the trail 8:34 pace and it went pretty well, I need to think more about hydration and I do think about it a lot.  I also went out to the trail thinking I was going to see a bunch of other people since it was Saturday and there was supposed to be a high of 50 something temperature.  But it was like 37˚ when I started my run.  Apparently not everyone considerers this great outside weather.  

In an absolute minimum effort to make this blog more interesting I added a historical marker from Saturdays run in case my Dad reads this blog post.  I also enjoyed a salt pill while taking this picture.

I've also convinced myself that this is a cute look for me.  16 year old Kristen would not be impressed but then nothing impressed 16 year old me.

Sunday: 4 miles on the streets near my house.  Super windy average pace 8:16.  Should of been slower but it felt kinda easy and the wind was blowing me.

Weekly total:  41 miles completely happy with this number

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  1. 16 year old Kristen would need black socks and shoes, but then so would've 13 year old Beth.