My Week in Running Febuary 11-17

Monday:  Taught my second water fitness class, the AOA (active older adults) class.  I think it went super well.  The 9:15 Monday morning class is now my class.  After the class I had time for 4 miles on the treadmill.

Tuesday:  Took a cross traning class in the morning then ran an easy 3 miles on the treadmill later that day.  I didn't have time for running right after class because Gretchen and I had plans to lunch at the Dinosaur Cafe with my cousin Jen and her son Wesley.  It is quite a place, I didn't take any decent pictures.

The Dino Cafe happens to be in the same shopping center as a Nike outlet store so I picked up these beauties.

Wednesday:  Because of my schedule this week I was worried about getting all my miles in so this morning I set the alarm for 6 and then ran 6 miles on the basement treadmill before Gretchen woke up.  To deal with the boredom of the basement treadmill I tried listening to a Jillian Michael's podcast while running instead of music like usual.  I really liked it.  I love Jillian Michael's and had listened to some of her podcasts before just not while running.  Time went by way faster this way but I think I'll probably still prefer music at the gym.  Went to the gym at 9:15 for bootcamp class then taught water fitness class as a sub, also went great.

Thursday:  I ran 10 miles on the treadmill.  8.75 at marathon pace and the whole run felt easy and like I could of ran it faster so I'm thinking that is a good sign for hitting my marathon goal.

Friday:  Off

Saturday:  Was out at my parents  and had 16 miles on the agenda.  It was cold but I was pumped that the plan was to run to Warrensburg, run in Warrensburg then ending at Old Drum Coffee House and Bakery where my mom would pick me up.  Running to Warrensburg was fun.  I added powered sports drink to my water and had almonds, dried cherries, and salt pills for snacks.  I thought about stoping at my sister's coffeehouse to use the restroom but I was only 9.5 miles in when I was near her shop the first time.  I didn't want to go in then have to leave again so instead I ran over to Wendy's and used their restroom.  I then ran over to the University taking the bridge over 13 and ran the route that Run the Burg Half Marathon follows across town up to HWY 50 then back around.  I ended at my sister's coffeehouse with 17 miles done at an average 8:28 pace.

Stopped here for at about mile 6 for water refills.  I forgot to go back and pick up my water bottle if anyone wants to do that for me if not it will probably still be there next time I'm down.

Ended up at the Coffeehouse where Gretchen and my mom picked me up.

Went back that night to help out at the coffeehouse.  I mostly just stood around looking cute and pretending to work.

Sunday:  Legs felt pretty good just a little tight.  I went out and ran 5 pretty easy miles.

Weekly total: 45 miles

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  1. Running to the coffeeshop sounds like fun! I ran 10 miles Saturday so I would of just made it, but instead I ran among the cacti of Phoenix, which was pretty awesome.