My Week In Running Febuary 18 - 24th

I was avoiding writing this because last week was a huge fail.  I realize like 10 people read this blog and no one cares, especially on weeks that there are no pictures.  It was supposed to be a low milage week but I only ran 25 miles and no long run.  I completely blame the weather.  Luckily this current week is off to a much better start.  The weather is just as horrible but I'm taking better advantage of running oppoertunities.  Last week the gym was closed for 2 days because of a snow storm and the same thing has already happened this week with a new snow storm.  I can only force myself on the basement treadmill for so many miles a week before I'm afraid I'll die of boredom so last week stuck at home with my 2 year old didn't go great.  I can only run on it while she is sleeping.

Monday:  Taught my AOA water fitness class then had time for 4 miles on the treadmill.

Tuesday: Worked in the morning in childcare and in the evening as a wellness coach.  Thinking I would have plenty of running time later in the week I skipped working out today.

Wednesday:  Went to bootcamp class then ran 7 miles on the treadmill.

Thursday:  Snowed in at my house.  Not thrilled.  Ran 4 miles on treadmill in basement while Gretchen was asleep.

Friday:  Still snowed in and super annoyed.  Apparently my street is one of the last on the city's plow list.  Shoveled half the drive, enough to get my car out if they decide to plow my street.  Ran 6 miles on treadmill while Gretchen was asleep.

Saturday:  My street was plowed sometime when I was asleep last night.  Mom came over to watch Gretchen, Thanks!  I went to an all day class on group exercise.  I didn't get a chance to run.

Sunday:  My parents picked Gretchen up on their way home from the farm show so that I could go to a strength and conditioning class on Monday and Tuesday(because of a second super fun snow storm Tuesday didn't happen but Gretchen was still out at my parents.)  After they left I completely did not want to run but forced myself through 4 miles on the treadmill.

Weekly total:  25 miles, no long run, not great.

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  1. This is a safe place! haha. 25 miles is a high week for me! I had a 10 mile long run planned on Sunday, that turned into just a 6 miler, but I pushed the speed some and saw a black bear at the zoo, so I think overall it was a win.