My Week in Running Feburary 25th- March 3rd


Monday:  Ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the Blue Springs Y during a lunch break from a class on the Foundations of Strength and Conditioning.  After failing hard week I was worried about making this week a repeat.  We got out of class early because there was another snow storm on the way so I went home and changed into my cold weather running gear.  The class was supposed to be 2 days long so my daughter was spending the night at my parents house.  It was cold outside and not a lot of side road thanks to the first snow storm but I wanted to take advantage of getting to run outside by myself since that doesn't happen that often.  I ran 7.5 miles out on the streets doing laps around a block of houses with cleared streets but no traffic.

Tuesday:  Ran .5 on the basement treadmill to warmup then 4.5 miles outside on the main road by my house none of the side roads had seen a snowplow but there wasn't much traffic so I didn't have to jump off the road that much.  Then I shoveled all the snow off the driveway.

Oh more snow, not excited about that.

Wednesday:  Ran .5 on basement treadmill to warm up then 9.5 miles outside.  I wore my safety vest and found some hilly side streets that had been cleared so I did a bunch of back and forths on them.  Two different people shoveling their drives called me hardcore when I was running past. Just saying.

This picture does not do the ridiculousness of this hill justice.  It was crazy steep and long but cleared off.

Thursday:  6 miles on the the treadmill back at the gym ran at a 8:34 pace

Friday:  4 miles on treadmill at a 8:00 pace then went to bootcamp class.

Saturday:  Ran 9 miles on gym treadmill.

Sunday:  No run day.

Weekly Totals:  I ran 44.5 miles which is good but no long run.  Long runs are a must for the next 3 weeks.


  1. Great job, but you better step it up because I'm coming for you

  2. Your neighborhood looks pretty desolate with the snow.