Running since my last post March 15th - March 24th


These are pictures from the end of the Lucky 13.1 Half marathon I ran last Saturday.  I'm happy with the pics.  My eyes are closed in the second one but that's nothing new.  My legs look muscular so at least I've got that going for me.  I ran a 1:44:24 it wasn't as fast as I wanted but it was still a PR.  It was an out and back course and the the wind was kinda brutal going out.  This race was a week ago but it seems like forever ago.  I haven't ran for the past 2 days and I seriously have to get it together this week or the whole marathon is going to be a total bust.  

Last Friday:  didn't run
Saturday:  Half Marathon 13.1
Sunday:  4 miles on basement treadmill
Monday:  Taught AOA water fitness. 3 miles on gym treadmill.  My quads were still sore from the half.
Tuesday:  Bootcamp class and 7.5 miles on gym treadmill
Wednesday:  bootcamp then taught water fitness
Thursday:  8.5 miles on the gym treadmill
Friday:  Bootcamp and 4 miles on gym treadmill
Saturday and Sunday:  no runs,  Gretchen seriously needs to take her naps when we are stuck inside because of the cold snowy weather.  I hate being a single parent but I should probably keep my personal problems to myself.  I'm sure I'll feel better once we get to leave the house tomorrow and I start exercising again.  I did shovel the driveway today but at this point it's not much exercise.

Miles since last post: 40.1

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  1. yes, you are looking strong after a half marathon. MOM