Not Much Running Going On March 29th - April 25th

This is kinda an exercise post dump since it has been almost a month since my last post and I need to get caught up.  I injured my ankle most likely from running too much.  I've been taking it fairly easy waiting it out for my ankle to feel better.  It is almost there.  I've still been working out but not as much and not near as much running as I would like.

Friday March 29th:  Noticed ankle was bothering me a little but ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill before bootcamp class.

Saturday March 30th:  Ankle was definitely bothering me so I didn't workout at all.

Sunday March 31st:  Ankle was still bothering me but I ignored it and ran 12 miles because the weather was perfect and I have BB HWY pretty much to myself at 7 on a Sunday morning.

Monday April 1st:  Ankle was really bothering me so I didn't workout.

Tuesday April 2nd:  Ankle still annoying me so I didn't workout again.

Wednesday April 3rd:  Went to bootcamp class but rode a bike whenever the class did an impact exercise.

Thursday April 4th:  Tried out this machine called an elliptical for 4 boring no impact miles.

So your what they call an elliptical trainer.  I am not pleased to meet you.

Friday April 5th:  Went to bootcamp class and kept it no impact with the bike when needed.

Saturday April 6th:  Ran the Cameron YMCA 8k and won with a time of 38:06.  Clearly this no running thing is working for me or there were not that many people in the race.  Who's to say.  But I beat the out the men  too and it's not my fastest 8k time.
Ya I'm a winner

Sunday April 7th:  Ankle bothering me more since I ran on it yesterday so no exercise.

Monday April 8th:  Taught AOA water fitness.  This was the last week of the Independence Y being open.

Tuesday April 9th:  bootcamp class

Wednesday April 10th:  Taught water fitness class

Thursday April 11th:  Taught 2 water fitness classes.

Friday April 12th:  Bootcamp class.  Last day the Y Independence  was open, weird day.

Saturday April 13th:  I did get up(barely)  and run/walk A color me rad color run 5k with a friend who puts up with my ridiculousness.

Sunday April 14th:  I went out to the trail with the stroller for 4 miles.  It was crazy windy so it still counts as 4 miles even though I had to walk a little on the 2 miles back.  I make my own rules, but I don't allow walking as running distance unless the circumstances are extreme and I feel this counted as extreme.  I mean Gretchen won't let me pull back her stroller hood while I run straight into the wind.  It's like running while pulling a parachute in the wind.

Monday April 15th:  Confused, Independence Y no longer open, didn't work out but worked my first shift at the Blue Springs Y.  That part went well.

Tuesday April 16th:  Went to the Blue Springs Y.  Ran 4 miles on the treadmill then switched to the elliptical for 3 more miles.  Still watching my ankle that is not all together yet.

Wednesday April 17th:  Went to the Blue Springs Y.  Ran a 1 mile warm up on the treadmill.  Then I worked my arms.  Up until now I had pretty much just be using boot camp classes as my only form of strength training but need to start my own routines.  Ran another 3 miles on treadmill.

Thursday April 18th:  After working at the Y in the morning I met up with a friend who took me to a kickboxing class at Title Boxing Club.  Loved it!  It is just a room with a bunch of punching bags hanging from the ceiling.  You wear gloves and an instructor leads you though a hour long class of punching and kicking along with plenty of sit up and push up exercises.  They are too expensive for my budget especially with no child care but it is a great workout.
After workout went and signed up at another regular gym that is close to my house to try out.  I reasoned that since the new Y that I'm at is a 20 minute drive the gas money and time I would save would make it worth the 2nd gym membership.  But I'm really unimpressed with the place that shall remain nameless on this blog just incase I ever want to work for them.  It is a very large gym compared to the Y so I expected harder classes and more variety in the classes.  There is less variety and the class I took was kind of a waste of time not hard at all.  Then their child care is horrible.  I mean Gretchen can pretty much take care of herself for a 2 year old but I feel bad putting her in there.  I tried expressing my concern to the manager and he just blew me off.  Other than getting to work out with some people I know the place has nothing going for it.  Unless something changes in the next month I'm canceling and deciding the drive to the Y is worth it.

Friday April 19th:  Took lame turbo kick class at unnamed gym.  Got professional massage later that day and was not expecting it to

Saturday April 20th:  Was supposed to run a marathon today.  That didn't happen.  With injuring my ankle my training completely dropped off and I haven't been running much at all.  But the weather was pretty good, I was Gretchenless, and my ankle pain was feeling nonexistent.  I ran 8.5 miles at a decent 8:29 pace.  My ankle started bothering me after mile 5 but not to bad and I spent the day icing it so I don't think I did anymore damage.

Sunday April 21st: Gretchen and I went out to the trail for a 4 mile run.  Didn't realize it was windy until we got out there.  It is an out and back the first 2 miles were good but running back was ridiculous.  I had to walk a little.  When I'm pushing a stroller straight into the wind and have to walk a little I still count it as running.  I make my own rules.
This is what Gretchen is doing while I'm trying to push her straight into the wind.  It's for the best, she can't hear the words coming out of my mouth.

Monday April 22nd:  Went to unnamed gym with Gretchen, had issue with childcare or lack of childcare.  Complained and went home since I wasn't comfortable leaving Gretchen with that mean women.  Did 20 minutes of strength training in the living room while Gretchen watched Sesame Street.

Tuesday April 23rd:  I was Gretchenless.  Went to unnamed gym to meet up with 2 friends to do our own bootcamp style workout.  Great workout.  Then I tried to talk to the manager about childcare, he clearly thought I was the problem and didn't care about what I had to say.  Whatever I guess.
After taking the class at Title Boxing Club last week found a Groupon for a 2 week pass for $21.  I jumped on that and went out  for another kickboxing class.

Wednesday April 24th:  Went to unnamed gym with Gretchen.  Different childcare worker so I left her in but I'm pretty sure there is a watch out for this one picture of me behind the desk.  Had to wait for a treadmill to open up then I ran 3 miles.  I don't know why I didn't realize this before but they don't have TV's on the treadmills.  There was 2 working big screen TV's I could watch from.  My choices Fox News or ESPN, um no thanks.

Thursday April 25th:  After working the morning at the Y I headed over to Title Boxing for another kickboxing class.  Great class again.  At the end of class the instructor had us plank till the last one dropped.  I won.  Wondering if I'm looking to muscular, I had 3 different people comment today on my thighs and how muscular they looked and the instructor at Title said I looked like the twin of this female MMA fighter, Sara McMann.  I looked her up she is more muscular than me but ya we do look alike.

Miles since my last post:  47  I did not count the 3.1 miles from the color run, there was too much walking going on there.


  1. Wow, that was a lot, but I stuck with it. You do look kind of like Sara. I got a complement on my thigh muscles from a girl like two weeks ago. How long did you hold the plank? Thats too bad the close gym isn't working out, but the kickboxing sounds awesome.

  2. You and anyone else who reads through all that should get some sort of prize. I should of know you were also getting thigh complements since we have the same awesome leg muscles. He forgot to start the timer right away but it was over 3:30. I went down as soon as the other girl hit the floor.