She decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse so that is what I made her.  They had the red with white dot fabric at the local fabric store.  I stitched a top and skirt with it then made a black tulle tutu to wear under the skirt and fill it out.  I cover a headband in black felt adding ears and a bow.  She is totally obsessed with candy.  She didn't collect a ton of candy tonight but I did throw most of it in the trash after she went to bed.  She is crazy enough with out being high on sugar.

We went to downtown Warrensburg where the businesses were handing out candy.  She got to help hand out at my sisters coffee shop and I think had more fun handing out than collecting.

Didn't forget to add the tail. 

Last week Gretchen painted pumpkins pink and yellow, you know traditional Halloween colors.

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  1. That is adorable, Gretchen handing out candy to the cowboy.