Hitting 1000 and finally a 30 mile week

Sun- 2 on basement treadmill

Mon- 4.46

Tue- 3 on treadmill

Wed- 3.37

Thurs- 4.2 on treadmill

Fri- Nothing

Sat- 13 on the trail felt fantastic and pretty effortless, the weather was pretty perfect for running

Weekly total- 30.03  Had to piece it together a little bit but whatever glad to finally have a 30 mile week.  Plan on going up from here.  Also hit over a thousand miles for the year this week.

Sun- Went to Chiefs game so nothing in the workout department that day.

Yep, I was there.

Mon- none was supposed to have some free time to run outside but that didn't happen spent the last 40 minutes of my floor time at the gym in a cycle class so I could get a little exercise in for the day.

Tue- 4.0

Wed- 3.5

This week is not off to a great start but I've got a good chunk of time on Friday so I'm hoping to still get 30+ miles in for the week.  Been feeling a little sick since Tuesday but I think it is just a cold but I don't care for it at all, try not to let it ruin any of my running plans.

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  1. Congrats on hitting 30 and 1000! The cold I had last week ruined five days of running for me, but mostly just because it made me so tired.