iphones are breakable and more running

I hear some people go their whole lives and never break their phone.  I am not one of those people.  I drop it constantly.  I just got the super cracked screen fixed 2 weeks ago at one of those places where you wonder it they are stealing all your personal info off the phone while they are fixing it.   I had drop my phone numerous times cracking the screen a little more each time but it still worked.  But this this time I lightly dropped it the screen only cracked a little but now the screen is just black and the only thing I can do on it is receive calls.  I'm really ticked at myself since I'll probably have to waste a bunch of money on a new one. I think they make them so breakable on purpose.

Anyway clearly I need to be running more to deal with this.  My miles have been in the 20- 25 mile range forever now.  Which is so not good.  While getting in all the miles I want requires a bit of time management and time on the treadmill(that I hate) I got rid of my only excuse for not running enough last week so all I need now is a plan.  I'm keeping the plan loose due to my unpredictable free time schedule but basically a slow build up of miles with lots of cross training.  Some of my cross training will be more for socializing with gym members than a workout but whateves.

Need more of this

Sunday- 5.5miles - done

Monday- Run 6 miles, take a class maybe

Tuesday- Run 4 miles, teaching suspension class as well

Wednesday-  Run 10 miles

Thursday- Teaching suspension class

Friday-  Take class, run 3 miles

Saturday-  Run 4 miles

This is all very maybe but based on when I think I'm most likely to have free time to run at the gym or outside.  Days may be switched but if I follow close enough I will hit 31 miles.  If this happens I plan on following the 10% rule till I reach more desirable mileage.

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