We took a little trip

I picked the perfect weekend to visit my sister in Washington DC and run the Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon that was mostly taking place in a national park.

Or not so much.  The race was postponed till November 10th, don't think I'll make it seeing as how I live in Missouri and all.  Here are some pictures of me not running the race.

This is a cute picture of Gretchen and Gwen not of me running.

This is of a guy walking while holding a monkey also not me running a half marathon.

But no matter Gretchen still enjoyed her plane trip.

Riding the Dinosaur train with her aunt Courtney who had our entire visit off work thanks to the government.

We spent lots of time just hanging out.  We visited a  playground, the Building museum where they had lots of interactive building activities for kids and visiting our cousins Dave and Sarah.  Gretchen loved hanging out with their kids learning about fairies and riding a bike.

Courtney was also watched Gretchen for me in the mornings so I could go for a few runs on my own. 

Picture from my running route.  While the national parks are technically closed and signs were posted as such there were plenty of runners and bikers out and the police were cool with it.  Courtney also took me to the YMCA for a workout.  Um this Y is a little nicer than what I'm used to.  We went all out and ran hills on these super cool curved treadmills.

Then rowed it out,

and went for a bike race.

After our tri we hit up the free weights to finish it off.

Fun weekend and still got lots of running in even though I really wanted to run the race but I couldn't of seen this happening when I paid for the race or bought the plane tickets.  First time a race I signed up for didn't happen.

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