Dinosaur Princess 3rd Birthday Party and Fitting in the Miles


Gretchen turned 3 and for her party we went with a dinosaur princess theme.  I picked it because she loves the show Dinosaur Train, I'm sure you've seen it, and loves princess stuff.  I didn't do a ton with the theme other than talk about it because she is 3 and don't care.  I did find a bunch of cheap plastic dinosaurs at a store I never shop at because I couldn't find them anywhere else at my price $1.00.  then cut off the tops of their bodies so they could be used as a flower pot and spray painted pretty colors.  If you are on pintrest I'm sure you have seen this done in some sort of way.

I also made crowns cutting a crown shape out of stiffened felt, sewed an elastic strip to the back and hot glued a few gems on the points.  

I think the party was a success, Gretchen loved it so what else matters.

In other news I poured a cup of coffee on my laptop earlier this week because well I don't know how it happened it just happened early one morning sitting on the couch sandwiched between Gretchen and Gwen.  Anyhow the laptop is currently propped over a dehumidifier hoping for the best.  I am using my old computer in the meantime which seems to be working better than I remember it working.  I have to leave it plugged in constantly because it refuses to recognize a battery, it runs slow and shuts off on its own occasionally.  

Thursday: 4 on treadmill
Friday:  0
Saturday:  8

This gave me 31.5 for the week, same distance as the week before, so ok.

Sunday:  6 miles on flat trail
Monday:  0
Tuesday:  4.5 miles on gym treadmill in the morning and 2.5 miles on gym treadmill in evening before suspension training class
Wednesday:  nothing, never left the house
Thursday:  4 miles on a treadmill at the gym after AOA resistance training class had a short amount of unexpected free time later so I fit in another 3 miles outside
Friday:  6 miles on trail outside work, went super well, negative splits, last 3 miles, 8:01, 7:48, 7:38 hilly and felt great
Saturday:  8.5 outside super windy but nice temp out

Hit 34.5, 3 miles over last week so perfect and still with 2 days off.

Sunday: party day so no running

Planning on hitting 38 and unfortunately this will probably include lots of treadmill time.