Reminder To Run


For most of the time that I have lived in my house there has been a big blank space above the fireplace then last year I bought a large canvas with plans to paint some sort of design on it.  I stuck it up on the wall waiting for inspiration to strike.  Then back in March I decided on a running quotes board.  I already had a list of favorite running quotes collected on a pintrest board.  I painted some background colors on my canvas then used different sized sharpies to write out the quotes.  I planned out the design of the quotes beforehand on a scrap of paper so they would all fit.  I've had it finished and up for months and have slowly been redecorating the rest of the place around it after I realized the entire place was beige.  I painted the fireplace wall white and I am in the process of painting the other walls a minty green.

Monday:  Ran 3 miles on the basement treadmill somehow I got Gretchen to let me run long enough for 3 miles since she doesn't nap anymore.  I have to give her a turn first though, luckily that doesn't last very long.

Tuesday:  Ran 5 miles on gym treadmill in morning after Resistance Training Class then 3 miles at night before Suspension class

Wednesday:  Went to the gym just to run, planned it around Totsersize which Gretchen loves.  I ran 5 miles on the treadmill, super boring, I wanted off the treadmill as soon as I got on but was able to run 5 before I said to forget it.

Thursday:  Ran 5 miles on the treadmill after Resistance Training Class.  Did a little speed work after the first 2 miles following the 30sec, 20sec, 10sec X 5.  Done 3 times with 2 minute slow run break in between each.  

It is Friday morning now and I still have 17 miles in the next 2 days and all signs point to treadmill.  It's not looking good.    

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