Weekly Runs

Thursday:  Weather was still gloomy out and I wasn't feeling like going outside so I did 4.5 miles on the treadmill at the gym.

Friday:  Worked a shift at the Y in the morning so after I was done I had time for 9.25 miles around town.

Saturday:  9.25 miles around the YMCA

All this brought my weekly mileage to 31.5 which is on target, next week goal 34-35 miles.

Sunday:  7 miles out on BB HWY before Chiefs game and family Birthday party for my Aunt Nancy.

Monday:  Had the time so even though proper training might dictate a rest day I went out for 8 fairly flat miles.

Tuesday:  Rest day.  Just one mile on the treadmill since I got to the gym to early before my TRX class.    I had a big class tonight so went by super fast and fun.

Wednesday:  Went out with a running group in the area.  I think it is the forth week I've gotten to go and I like it because I always seem to run faster in a group with no extra effort and I get to run in the dark and not be worried about whether it's a good idea or not.

Completely on target for the 34 miles I'd like to complete for the week.

Picture of Gretchen painting her arms this past week because how is that not a great idea and I didn't have any pictures actually relating to this post.