Hitting 40

Monday:  2 miles on the treadmill.   Planned on 3 but a customer showed up early and I never got back on after.

Tuesday:  3 miles on the basement treadmill, then later at the gym another 3 miles before Suspension class.  I meant to arrive at the gym early enough for 5 miles but as usual that didn't happen.

Wednesday:  Went to the gym in the morning so Gretchen could go to her totsercise class and I ran 6 boring miles out on the treadmill.  Had plans to make the Independence running group that evening but an opportunity came up to help train a competitive girls softball team so that is where I went.  Now I know when those of you who know me think competitive softball I do not come to mind.  No worries I'm not showing anyone how to pitch or catch a ball.  I am only assisting on off season speed and agility drills, so they can stay in top shape for their upcoming season.

This puts me at a whopping 19 miles so far for the week. I've got 3 days and the only possibility for outside running is Saturday and I don't feel the weather is going to agree with me.

Well I finished the week off with all treadmill miles, once at the gym for 5, once at home for 3 and once at my parents for 5.  Totaling 32 for the week.  Once again ok but the weather needs to start cooperating with my very limited outside running time or I need to get tougher.  One or the other.

This past week was  mostly all treadmill again but I did finally hit 40 miles and it seemed really easy.  For whatever reason 6 miles on the gym treadmill and 3 miles on the home treadmill don't seem so boringly hard anymore.  I won't go through all the miles each day since I'm pretty sure no one reads this but my longest run was 6 miles on the treadmill, more than once, 9 miles in one day and only 16 miles outside.  3 of those running around the YMCA building.  Sun: 4 & 2,  Mon: 5, Tue: 3 and Suspension class, wed:  3 miles on gym treadmill, then 3 miles around the building.  Then wed night I was supposed to be in Lee Summit at 7 but still wanted to go to the running group at 6.  They were giving out running shirts that night.  Clearly I run for all the t-shirts so I went just figuring I would have to cut my run short to make it to Lee Summit.  Well for not the first time I tied my house key to my shoe then locked my car key in the car.  I don't know why I do this but it has happened a couple of times.  I didn't realize it until I went to leave.  The good news I had time to run 3 miles outside while waiting for help.  So totally worth missing my job that night for a running shirt 3 extra miles and I won a blinking clip on safety light.  Thurs: 5 miles on gym treadmill in morning then suspension class at night, Fri:  6 miles on gym treadmill, Sat: 6 miles on gym treadmill.  So I did go though all my daily miles.

40 miles done for the week.

Today Gretchen and I worked out at the house.  First she did 5 minutes then I did 3 miles on the treadmill.  After the warm up we did some strength training.  I went with dead lifts, squats and pushups while Gretchen did some squats with a ball throw and planked.

Look at that plank!

It's Christmas week so I should have plenty of time to run however the weather is going to be super cold.  A high of 13˚ tomorrow, oh yay!

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