It's Cold

Monday:  Was surprised and had time for a quick 5 miles outside before I had to head to work

Tuesday:  Worked out but no real running other than a few sprints around the gym track.

Wednesday:  Ran at gym in morning 3 miles on the treadmill, 3 miles around the building.  Went to run club at night for another 3 miles.

Thursday:  Ran at the gym in morning for 4 miles.

Friday:  When I got off work Friday afternoon it was a warm 16˚ out.  I ran 1 mile on the treadmill then 6 outside.  The first 3 went well then I turned around to head back.  The very light wind was freezing my face off.  So cold!  First time I ran outside and thought "my face should really be covered in Vaseline."  I made it but was worn out and just went home rather than running anymore on a treadmill.

Saturday:  I spent my day learning all about member involvement in Coaching Connections at the YMCA.  Sounds amazing I know, after that I was close to a shopping center and thought I could knock out some Christmas presents.  I picked up a few then went against my better judgement and bought my 1st running skirt.  I do look super cute in it.  I think I may wear it in some spring races.  Once home I it was already dark and my weekly mileage was looking poor.  I jumped on the treadmill for 3 miles after dinner on the treadmill in the basement in my new skirt.  It ran well.


Weekly Total: Ended the week with only 31 miles.  I'm going to have to get comfortable with the cold cold temps because I have a feeling all the nice temp days are going to be on days I can't run and visa versa.

Sunday Runday:  My last opportunity to run outside for a few days.  It was 19˚ out, way better than the 16˚ on Friday so I figured no problem.  I did 1/2 mile warm up on the treadmill, then went out for 4.5 miles.  Not too bad, it was lightly snowing, maybe I'm getting used to this super fun weather.


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