Suspension Training

In addition to all my craftiness and running I work part-time at the Blue Springs YMCA.  I am a personal trainer and I teach a few classes.  One of the classes I teach is suspension training, also know as TRX which is the brand name of suspension trainer.  It is a total body strength training workout just using your own body weight against the straps for resistance.  It is a tough workout but can be adjusted to various fitness levels.  The workout is mostly strength but some cardio and lots of balance.
I had one of my favorite members(everyone taking my class is my favorite) take a couple of snaps of me on the straps after class.  In our class room we hang the straps from the rafters.

Bicep Curl

Chest Press

I teach Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-6:50pm at the Blue Springs YMCA.  If you are in the area come check it out!

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