Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon

This morning I ran the Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon.  I picked it because it has been a while since I ran a race and needed to do one.  Also there are not a lot of distance races in the area this time of year.  This race is in its 32nd year and had a good review from a guy at the Y who had ran it several times.
The race didn't start till 11:00 to take advantage of the warmest part of the day in January.  Today the weather was pretty good considering it was sub 0˚ earlier this month.  It was in the 40's for the race and extremely windy.  Luckily as it is a point to point race there was only about 3-4 separate miles when you are running into the wind.  The race is very hilly and is advertised as such.
Since it is a point to point race you park at the finish then they bus you to the start.  

I'm really pumping my arms in this one but it is up a hill I wasn't feeling.

At the finish.  My eyes are closed because the wind is slapping me in the face.

3rd place age group winner 30-34

I finished in 1:45:46, a decent time for me especially with all the hills and wind.

I was 11/132 females, 82/337 total participants. 

The race was super well organized with great volunteer support.  All participates got a long sleeve technical shirt, socks and once finished a medal.  After the race all participates got a pancake and sausage meal. Yum!  


  1. yea, sounds like a fun race. Proud of you. MOM

  2. Nice job! Super fast time. I signed up to run the RNR DC 1/2 again. So I guess I should get back to training.