Week One


Most Exciting thing that happened to me on New Years Eve.  Peanut butter stuffed pretzels at Aldi's!  

Gretchen was excited about our New Year Eve's spread.

Friday making protein bars at a friends house I found a great combination.  I've made these a few times before always a little different combo.  This time I used almonds, peanut butter, honey, dried cherries, chia seed, flax seed and chocolate peanut butter protein powder.  Just mixed and pressed together, so good.

Wed: On the 1st I went out to my parents house and ran 4 miles outside, so cold!  I ended up running another 6 on there treadmill later that day.

Thurs:  Planned on 5-6 miles after AOA resistance training but got a phone call I decided to take part way though the run and ended up with 3.5 miles.  No problem though because I was back at the gym that night and had time after work for another 3 miles.

Fri:  Didn't get to the gym till 5:45 and child care closes early 7:15 on Friday nights.  Apparently some people have better things to do on Friday nights.  I limited my run to 4 miles so I could work with the weights.  I started a routine that will have me doing pull ups in no time and a another one that is supposed to perfect my backside.  I'll let you know if either routine works out.

Sat:  It was in the high 30's but windy when I had time to go out for my run today.  I did 10 outside then back inside for 2 on the treadmill.  I was tired of the the wind slapping me in the face.  

I finished the week with 47 miles.  Pretty happy about that.

With a high of 18˚ tomorrow I'm really looking forward to more time on the treadmill.

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