In 6 more days I'll be running my first 50 miler.  I think I'm ready.  There is really nothing more I can do at this point.  My training wasn't ideal.  Would have liked to of had longer long runs but I had several 50-60 mile weeks and that will have to do.  At this point running a lot more would only hurt not help so I'm totally embracing race taper and carb loading right now.  Yesterday I didn't exercise and ate pizza.  

Plans for the week:

run 10-12 miles
figure out what to wear at race
decide which hydration system to use
decide what to put in drop bags
hydrate like a boss
eat lots of simple carbs

I figure I have been spending 7-9 hours a week running plus cool down time, extra trips to the gym, multiple showers each day.  It's like I have a whole extra day this week until I use it up all at once on Saturday.   

Last Saturday, March 15th I ran the Lucky 13.1 for the 2nd time in Peculiar, MO.  I used it as part of my training and didn't taper or anything for the race.  I finished in 1:41:49 only 13 seconds off from my PR.  1st in my age group 30-34 and 4th women overall out of 51 so not bad.  I'm thinking I need to train for a half marathon.  I feel like if I did I could easily drop my time below 1:40.  But more interesting to me right now is that I plugged my time into the McMillan race time/pace predictor thing and it said based on this time I should be running a 50mile at a 9:30 pace, finishing just under 8 hours.  This is what I've been thinking/planning in my head.  So even though I wish that a couple of my longer runs would have been a little longer i'm feeling pretty good about the race.

This race predictor said it would take me a whole day.


  1. Will be thinking of you. Saturday, right? (Cute predictor by the way.)

  2. Cute predictor is right. I am trying to talk you dad into coming to the race too. See you soon. MOM