If You Wanna Run Faster Run Faster

I'm having serious issues with having actual work getting in the way of my non professional, non paying running career.  I decided to work on other elements of my running besides high mileage till I can work in some more free time.  
–– I've been working on my running pace by following the If you wanna run faster run faster dumba** plan.  It's totally working.  Almost every time I have to do treadmill miles I start around a 8:30 pace then ekk up my pace slowly or fast depending on how many miles I want to do and my mood.  Ending around a 6:30 pace for a very short time. Usually like a minute.  Then when I've been getting to do outside runs it's like magic.  My average whatever pace for outside was usually around 8:30 now it has dropped to right around 8:00.  Pretty awesome.

–– I've also started lifting weights with regularity.  Right before I ran my 50 miler I was down to no weights.  Then I went back to once a week but meaning to do two a week.  I have managed a 2 a week plan for the past 3 weeks and have noticed a difference.  Starting a 3 a week plan next week.
–– Bought weight lifting gloves.  Totally helping and loving them.

–– Something strange is happening this week.  It looks like I'll have a lot of time to run and run outside. What?!  I finally hit an over 30 mile week today ending with 31 miles.  Next week I'll easily have time for 50 which would probably be a bad idea since my milage has been hovering in the low 20's for the most part.  
–– Started thinking about future races I'd like to sign up for.  Signed up for the Psycho Psummer 50k.  It will be my 3rd year doing it.  

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