Wall Art


I've been working on adding to my bedroom wall art a piece at a time since Wake up & be awesome went up in January.  It's really coming together now.  Probably belongs in a museum but instead it's in my bedroom where it will be seen by no one.  The picture above just demonstrates my poor iPhone photography skills, looks so much better in person.  If you would like to schedule a viewing let me know.

I'm using different techniques for each of the pieces.  Wake up I did in glitter.  

This one is all Gretchen.  She cut up the cow postcard, taped the fabric scrap to the bottom and added the aladdin sticker.  Then hung it up on the wall herself.  I'm not sure what it represents.

Best things I went old school and broke out the cross stitch.  Felt like I was in 4-H again.  I picked the quote because I think it's funny and true.

Only a fool is just sharpie markers, a little quicker than cross stitch.  I got the quote from Ray Lewis in an Xbox commercial.  I'm not a Lewis fan but I do like the quote.  I mean if anyone knows how to not trip on what's behind him.

Run the mile I stitched on the sewing machine.  It is bright orange thread on gray wool.  I really like how it turned out.  I looked up where it was from,  David Willey, a Runner's World Editor.  I found the quote on pintrest where I find most everything.  Seems like good running/life advice.

I may redo this one.  It is just printed on the computer kinda needs a little more.  Another quote about working hard, I like it.  The quote comes from Vince Lombardi a coach full of great quotes.

Your shorts I may redo as well.  I wrote it out with a Sharpie then stitched over it on the sewing machine.  I went to iron out the fabric and the steam from the iron caused the marker to bleed.  Like, don't like, I don't know.  The quote comes from a Nike ad.  I don't know if this one sounds silly but it's for me and so true.  When I started running I was wearing down to the knee basketball shorts.  Now I wear short shorts, can't have all that excess fabric getting in the way.


  1. I love the "Run the Mile you are in" quote. So that one and Gretchen's tie for first in my opinion.

  2. I do love Gretchen's work and that she wasn't bashful about adding it to your collection. The sewn ones are fun too! I have my sweaty message on my dresser for now.