Working is Ruining my Running

So I decided I was going to have to suck it up and start working constantly.  I added waitressing to my list of jobs.  I've since decided I'm not a fan.  The job is good it's just really getting in the way of my running.  April was by far my lowest mileage month by far. Under 100 for the month.  Not acceptable, but I'm working on carving out more running time without giving up Gretchen time.

I do work across the street from Liberty Memorial which has lots of these.

Stairs!  Occasionally I have time for a run right after waitressing and run them.  Little perk of the job.

Since I can't run as much as I want I bought myself this to work on that other goal.  Currently only at half a pull up but can do one full chin up.  This is an improvement.  Installed it just 2 days ago so I'm expecting dramatic results soon.

Unrelated but important:

I came home after working all day planing on my usual cheese quesadilla dinner.  I pulled out my last 2 flour tortillas and this unopened bag of shredded cheese.  I made my quesdilla and sat down to eat.  Took one bite and realized one of the 4 cheeses was America.  FYI Kraft pasteurized prepared cheese product is not cheese so don't include it in your 4 cheeses!  Yuck!  Had to throw it out and eat some oatmeal.  This is really the most upsetting thing that happened this month.  American cheese I'm not a fan.

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  1. Those stairs look like fun. I'm sorry about the cheese situation. That is terrible that they blended a fake cheese with real cheeses, but was it really that terrible to throw out? I don't like American Cheese, but generally can deal with it in a melted state.