So Much Fun!

So many super fun things have been happening since my last post.   Still working on getting enough miles in and enough weight lifting days a week but getting closer to what I want to be doing.  Until I just realized I have 3.5 weeks till my 50k.  I need the next two weeks to be solid.

We got to drive my brothers truck.  Gretchen loved this and cried when we got to go back to my car.

I get to take showers in the tiny dark green poorly lit basement shower.  Until last week I had never used this shower even though I've lived in the house for 6 years.  Gretchen refuses to shower in here, she's using the kitchen sink.

Getting to dry clothes the old fashioned way.  Gretchen thinks this is fun, she is wrong.

Actually like this one.  Getting to run out here on trail occasionally.  Not enough but super nice when it happens. 


  1. I agree with you - not Gretchen on hanging out laundry. But it should spell fresh! Maybe if Gretchen cries enough Travis will let you use his pickup more often!