1000 Miles and Stuff

Randomly decided to add up all my miles this morning.  Apparently I hit the 1000 mile mark yesterday on the treadmill when I was warming up for weights at the gym.    If I was getting excited about things I think this would be something I would get excited about.   Puts me on track for exceeding last years miles of 1328 but I little behind for hitting over 2000 for the year.  Though 2000 is still completely doable especially since my schedule is now a lot better for fitting in running time than it was the first 5 months of the year.  No more 2 hours on the gym treadmill while Gretchen is in child watch.  Hard to do because it's boring and Gretchen isn't always into child watch.  

I need some 1000 mile cake.

Recently I've been thinking about all my silly running and whats the point.  I mean it costs money,  I have to pay for the race and take the day or in some cases two days off work.  If it's a longer race trying to carry trays of food up stairs the next day could be a scary situation.  I have to have someone watch my daughter.  That someone usually being my mom who already watches her many weekends so I can work.

I'm pretty good at it, not great or anything but pretty good.  I think I can be even better if I kicked up my training a notch.  I always feel like I undertrained for races.  But whats the point.  No one really cares if I can place at races or what my time was.  It's not going to make any money get me a good job or a date.  
The only point is that I like it.  I guess that's enough and of course I did just sign up for another race.  Since that is what I really wanted to do and looking at the current list of entrants I think I could win.   Could also DNF, I mean its 50 miles you never know.


  1. Yes do it because you like to run

  2. And I think we do things like this because we can. And because we get better.