Bubble Bubble


So this week did not go as planned.   My days of dog ownership are over for good.  We got a new pet I think we can handle and if not who cares, it's a fish.  His name is Bubble.

Miles ran:  31.5 missed my 15 mile run.  Really didn't have a choice.
Time spent running:  4:15
Time spent lifting: 1:15 Also missed my 2nd weight workout
One cycle class: 0:50

My diet was defiantly not better and possibly worse than last week.  Don't care at this point.

Only plan for this week:  Run as many miles as I can without injuring myself.

I am more excited than one should be about this new Quick Trip about to open right by the trail I like to run.  Icy cold drinks after running, yes!  Maybe using their bathroom instead of the port o potty, definitely yes!

Thanks for the note, family I waited on.  I like nice notes.

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  1. welcome Bubbles to the family. That is a nice note from a customer.