Past Week

Miles Ran: 48
Time spent Running: 6:40
Time spent lifting: 1:30 still only went once this week
One cycle class: :50 

 Last time teaching the class.  Mostly because driving to a gym that was 20 minutes away with Gretchen after she had been in preschool all day was really just not working for us.  Partly because pretending I was super upbeat and excited to teach the class was hurting my head.

I'm happy with the miles I got in for the week especially with the temps being above 90 most afternoons this week.  I had a 15 mile long run that was good, but hot and humid.  Temps been a little lower and if that pesky women wouldn't of stopped me I may have felt like pushing it a few more miles.

In the interest of safe running I have been wearing sunscreen on all my runs this week.

For the first time ever I have nice looking feet.  Thanks Heather.  I'm sure this won't last long but was gifted a professionl pedicure and manicure.  I was nervous about having this done because apparently completely normal things scare me.  

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