Running Safety

Was out running on a trail today and had a women who was with a man I assume was her husband stop me.  She then immediately start to suggest I wasn't being safe running on the trail by myself.  I immediately started running again before my natural instincts took over and I started saying not nice things or punched her in the face(kidding.)  Now I'm sure some people reading this will think how nice, she was concerned for your safety.  But I find it infuriating that someone would suggest that I don't consider my own safety just because I'm out running by myself.

While finding someone who wanted to run in the same limited time frame I have to run at a 7:30 - 8:30 pace would be great I don't think that is going to happen.  So I really don't have a choice in the by myself department and I don't need some women shoving it in my face that her husband apparently has nothing better to do than go with her on all her workouts.

I know bad things can happen but bad things happen in many other different situations everyday all the effing time.    

Tried to find stats on bad things that will happen to me while running but can't find any definitive facts.  But from what I've read and an episode of 20/20 I vaguely remember from a few years ago when female runners are murdered it's usually the husband, so safe there.   I am more likely to be hit by a car than raped but more likely to be raped than killed when hit by said car.

When this women approached me we were on a safe trail( as in I wasn't running the Trolly trail by Troost.)   It was mid morning, I don't run in the dark by myself.  I do pay attention to my surroundings and was offended that she thought I wasn't. I always have my phone on me.   I have and still consider carrying mace but that has more to do with reading about stray unfriendly dogs on some trails than humans.   Now even though I run on a safe trail you never know.  Except for this women I have never been bothered on the trail.  The same can't be said when I run on the streets.  She thought I wasn't being safe because no there is not a ton of people on the trail but on the road there is lots of people.  I have to constantly look out for drivers texting and not paying attention.  At least once every other run I either get honked at or some guy lets me know what a " nice ass" I have.   Once I had a guy jump out of his car and come after me.  Once I was running with another girl and a guy drove by shot and hit her with a paint ball.  

Point is bad things happen but you can't live your life worrying about everything that could go wrong.  I'm guessing this women isn't going up to people eating donuts warning them about how diabetes kills.


  1. I admit I've had that "I know what I'm doing" reaction a time or two. Running on the trail sounds much safer then your hood. I would of asked if they wanted to run as your body guards.

  2. I've learned that people who think it's ok to give their opinions to strangers are always 100% correct. Those of us that keep are remarks to ourselves are always in the wrong.