Thanks Kid

So sometimes you have a shitty week, and then some kid, probably 19 or 20 but I'm technically old enough to be his mom so kid, comes up to you and treats you like a rock star.  
 After having a particularly shitty week I completely skipped 2 days of workouts then finally forced myself to the trail Sunday after work.  As I was sitting in my car with the door open messing with my phone a young guy came over was all I'm so sorry to bother you but I saw the 50m and 50k stickers on your car.  Then proceeded to ask a bunch of questions about distance running and told me how cool it was that I ran those races.  We talked maybe 5-10 minutes but made me feel cool and helpful.  
I then ran 4 miles at a 7:30 pace that didn't feel hard and decided to go ahead and sign up for that 50 mile race in September  I've been mulling over.  
I'll be running the Hawk Hundred on September 13th.  I'll be doing the 50 mile version, not quite ready for 100 yet.  It's trail so should be a bit more of a challenge than the flat 50 miles I ran back in March.  
Signing up tonight gives me the optimal 6 weeks of training time one usually likes for 50 mile races.  I'm sure it will be fine,  I'm kinda on a roll for races this year so shouldn't stop now.  

Picture from trail so this post would have a picture.  Hi cat face.

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