Week in Review and 50 mile Training

Miles Ran:  41.5
Time Spent Running: 6:10

Time Spent Lifting: 1:30
One Cycle Class: :50

Took the day off from workouts after a solid 7 days on.  Only 3 more weeks of heavy high mileage workouts before it's just better to taper off for the race.  It's a super short training time for the race but if I do it all right probably better than extra weeks of doing it all wrong.

Plans for this week:

46 miles including a long run of at least 15 miles followed by a 10 mile day
3 hours of lifting
Nightly foam rolling
Improve the diet

While as long as I am running 40+ miles a week I can literally eat whatever and not gain weight.  I would probably run a lot better though if I tried meeting my bodies nutritional needs.  For over the past week I've managed to cook 0 times.  Living off of protein bars, beer and whatever free food is available at work for the day.  On the plus side I have no dirty dishes however my body may not be loving it.

Breakfast of Champions.*

* This is a joke.  I'm not drinking beer for breakfast.

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