And More Running


New to me route that I'm liking on cloudy days.  The path travels by the road but not a ton of traffic and senic views.  This run was sunny and 80˚ so a bit warm with no shade.  5.5 miles is as far out as I've ran on it so not sure how far it goes yet.

As far as running goes this week went great.   I had no trouble hitting 48 miles while still having 2 days off.  My knee pain from last week is all gone.  Had a long run on Wednesday of 21 miles divided up before and after work.   

Miles Ran:  48
Time Spent Running: 6:40
Time Spent with Weights: 2:15

I've been trying to get Gretchen to go for walks in the evenings.  She says yes or even suggests we go but then half way up the street this happens.  I get a good 1/2 mile in with all 38lbs of her on my back.

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  1. makes a nice workout. I think being carried is part of Gretchen's walk. MOM