Hawk 50 Mile

On Saturday I ran the Hawk 50 mile race.  I through my supplies, race bag and outfit choice together Friday night.  It was going to be in the low 40's at the start of the race so I was a little conceded about what to wear since it's been a few months since we hit those temps.  Thinking back now the temps for this race were about the same as the 50 mile I ran back in March.  I went with the shorts I've worn to my other two ultras this year, knee high compression socks and a short sleeve running shirt.  Brooks trail running shoes that I have decided I hate.  They just don't fit right, my ankle slips around to much.  If anyone wants them they are size 9 and pretty if you knock all the dirt off.  Only have 86 miles on them.   Then took a hat, gloves and extra long sleeve shirt to start the race.  For gear I had a camelback back pack for water, headlamp for running the first hour in the dark.  Other things I took:  body glide(most important item by far), honey stinger chews, honey stinger waffles, watches, extra socks.

Went to bed at 11 an hour later than planned.  Alarm went off at 3:30, got out of bed at 3:45.  Made coffee, threw on my clothes, teeth brushed, face washed, grabbed coffee and race bag out the door.

Great hour drive out to Clinton Lake near Lawrence, KS.  No one is on the road at 4 on Saturday morning.  Volunteers pointed me where to park and I headed over to packet pickup.  Made a port-o-potty stop then back to the car to prepare.  Stripped down to my race outfit and broke out the body glide to lube up everywhere there is the slightest chance of chaffing.  Pinned on my bib, made sure I had everything, one more stop at the port-o-potty and then up to the waiting area.

Just before 6 the race director said a few things about the trail markings and we headed over to the parking lot to start.  First time running in the dark and I had only tried out the headlamp on in my house but it worked out.

First hour was in the dark and there was runners around me for this time.  I was mostly just spending this hour thinking about how I needed not to fall.  I didn't fall the first hour.  A little after the first hour and a little after the 1st aid station stop I was pretty much running by myself the rest of the race.  There were a couple of 100miler guys I'd pass or they would pass me a few times but pretty much it.  


The race was two 25mile loops at Clinton Lake State Park.  Really pretty trails.  I did have to spend most of my time looking down to see all the rocks and tree roots while running.  I mostly succeeded.  I only fell 3 times and got right back up each time, no biggie.  The trail was really well marked, so glad because I'm always worried about getting lost and adding miles to my run.  The trail couldn't have been marked better really.  I was never concerned I was going the wrong way.  Well, a few times I thought where is another pink flag or tree marking but I'd see one before I freaked out about it.

There was two aid stations that you went by twice on each loop.  The volunteers were fantastic and so were the food options.  I had PB &J tortilla roll ups, Pringles, pickles, Oreos,  little Debbie nutty bars, salted potatoes, salt caps, along with heed sports drink and soda.   I also ate one pack of chews that I brought on my 2nd loop.  I should have ate more before the race but I wasn't feeling it.  I had 2 honey stinger waffles for 310 calories.  I was starving all day.  I keep thinking I got enough at each aid station but like 30 minutes later I'd be hungry again.

I had no idea how this race would play out for me since my training miles weren't near as high as I wanted.  My longest run since the 50k back in July was only 16 miles.  This is the number one thing I'm going to work on.  Just getting more miles in would really improve my times I think.  Plus seeing the 100miler runners out there going twice as far as me especially the amazing female 100miler winner who is the same age as me.  Well, I'm going to need to start adding a lot more miles if I'm going to run a 100mile race next year.


I finished 1/13 female finishers and 7/29 overall.

Trail knee.


  1. Great job! That is a long way to run and for so many hours! It looks like it was a beautiful day and a beautiful course (for Kansas especially... haha). Although the start was a little cool, I bet the weather was pretty great for most of the day. I think I would like to try a trail race, but something a little shorter. You look super fresh after the race, did you feel like you could go another 50 miles?

  2. Wow, I'm amazed how great you look after the run. That was a nice story too. Congratulations on a great feat. MOM